A Greener Alternative

We are all aware that there is unprecedented, worldwide competition for our planet’s energy resources. Over half of the world’s oil resides in just five countries. As a full-service energy provider, we feel it is only right to offer our customers a better choice of fuel, services, and products that help to:

  • Reduce our dependency on foreign oil
  • Increase efficiency
  • Lower emissions and consumption
  • Ensure reliability
  • Save our customers money

All of our customers benefit from the quality, greener heating oil we provide at no additional cost (compared to standard home heating oil). This fuel blend contains Bioheat®—a sustainable, plant-based fuel—and Heating Oil Plus, which is an additive that burns cleaner and improves efficiency and the life of your equipment.


Bioheat Heating OilBioheat is a fuel made from plants, like soybeans, grown right here in the U.S. This innovation in heating oil reduces our dependency on foreign oil, and is a renewable, natural, non-toxic, biodegradable energy source. It is blended with our Heating Oil Plus and is perfectly safe for your heating system. Learn more about the benefits of Bioheat in your home.


Heating Oil Plus

heatoil_greenOften overlooked in the efficiency and condition of your heating system is the quality of the fuel it burns. Heating Oil Plus, an additive, is proven to make heating oil burn cleaner and with greater efficiency than standard #2 heating oil. Its formula includes detergents and sludge dispersants, corrosion inhibitors, a water demulsifier, and thermal stability and lubricity agents. Translation: it will leave your tank and heating system cleaner, resulting in fewer service calls and a longer life for your heating equipment.

Oventrop Solar Water Systems

oventrop-logoWe are the first in the area to offer Oventrop Solar Water Heaters. Energy produced from the sun emits no carbon, and the cost savings generated over the life of this product are considerable. Please contact us or visit our Bristol showroom to learn more about the benefits of heating your hot water using the sun.

Ultrasonic Tank Inspections

Protect your home and the environment with this safety program and replacement warranty before your tank ever leaks. Ultrasonic Tank Inspections include an annual ultrasound inspection to evaluate your tank’s wall thickness and, when necessary, qualifying tanks receive $1,500 toward a proactive replacement. Ultrasonic Tank Inspections are included with our Silver and Gold Home Comfort Energy Efficiency Plans. The Ultrasonic Tank Inspection program can also be purchased separately for $49.95/year.

Heating and Cooling Equipment

equipment_greenQuinoco only carries environmentally responsible heating and cooling equipment that meets our high standards for efficiency, durability, and safety. Brands like Thermo Pride, Buderus, and Riello deliver maximum efficiency and lower emissions, saving you many gallons of oil and providing a cleaner burn. High-efficiency equipment puts money back in your wallet and reduces consumption of fossil fuels. Combined with our Bioheat and Heating Oil Plus blend, it’s a winning solution for your family or business.

Save More at Home

For more information about energy conservation and what you can do around your home to save on your energy bills, visit these helpful resources: