Over 130 Years of Care

The Beginning
Quinoco was founded in 1877 in Bristol, CT. Ulysses S. Grant was our President, and coal was the predominant source of energy. We were one of the early converts from coal to oil, and have a tradition of implementing cleaner-burning sources of energy.

We’ve always been a family-owned and operated business, and take great pride in our long history of exceptional customer service. During the 130+ years that we’ve been in business, we’ve learned what it takes to be a successful, trusted, forward-thinking, full-service energy provider.

Our Founder, George Quinion

Mr. George Quinion is credited for setting the high standards for how we conduct our business. He believed in hard work, fair play, and treating our customers with respect. He created the family and community-oriented company that were are today; one that values honesty, integrity, and sound ethics. He set the example of achieving results by doing things the right way, always striving to deliver quick, reliable, quality service, and caring about the comfort, safety and satisfaction of Quinoco’s customers. The legacy of George Quinion’s vision and values, and the company he created lives on in Quinoco today. In fact, his portrait greets you in our Bristol office, where Quinoco was founded.