Our Company

Quinoco Energy Services, Inc. is a full-service fuel and HVAC energy company servicing customers from three primary locations in Connecticut. Our office and storage facilities in Farmington, Bristol, and Torrington, CT enable us to provide premier services to our community of customers throughout western and central Connecticut.

Today’s heating and cooling industry is much different from when our company started more than 140 years ago. Today, we offer our customers comprehensive heating and cooling products and services, including our inventory of high grade heating oil, diesel fuel, kerosene, and propane, plus quality heating and cooling equipment.

Our Pledge to Our Customers

Our community is the most important part of our business. Therefore, our continued mission is to help our customers conserve energy while maintaining safe, comfortable home and work environments. We seek to do so by hiring dedicated employees with proven work ethics, by keeping our employees educated and protected, by returning your queries promptly and sufficiently, and by delivering your services with the highest quality and at a fair price every single time.

Quinoco - Our Company